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Shrimp Tank #1
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NameShrimp Tank #1
Size5 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish
Inhabitants8x Red Cherry Shrimp
8-10 Baby Red Cherry Shrimp
1x Ghost Shrimp
FiltrationDual Sponge Filter(Originally for a 20G)

Power Filter(5-15G)[Currently off due to baby shrimp]{Wal-Mart)
LightingA very small LED light that comes with the hood, which is not adequate for plants.
Temperature70-75F w/ no heater.
DecorOrnaments: Hide-in log with a artificial silk plant attached on top, and five water-worn rocks. A thread of yarn, which came with the shrimp.

Live Plants: 2x Japanese Moss Balls, 1x Anubias on a lava rock, Bogwood, and Java Moss on a bendable rod.
AccessoriesAn air pump which operates the sponge filter.
FoodShrimp Pellets, and flake food; every other day.
From DeboraBremner on 02/08/14
I love this pic!!! Great shot!
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