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Tropical Thunder
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NameTropical Thunder
Size5 Gallons
FertilizerAqueon plant food ( 0-0-1 )
Inhabitants My new Betta "Abraham" after the Guppys & ghost shrimp that are in there now are hired as temps to break the place in till until bio cycle is complete. then I lay them off so the The Big Man can move in.
FiltrationWhiper Mirco (med size cartridge), & 3 ghost shrimp (which are bitching to watch)
Lightingcrappy l.e.ds that I nee2 to replace
Decor Donut shaped Coral rock (real), with real home made drift wood pieces lol (I shaped some at some pretty extreme angle with hot water and drying but I ended up not using them), small rocks from a road for deco and support, & lots of plants
Food???? I did not know aquariums them selfs had a diet? HUMMMM....... I am going to go with Pimp fish & cool water.
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