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Tropical Community
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NameTropical Community
OwnerNC Frank
Size55 Gallons
FertilizerLeaf Zone weekly, Seachem Flourish Excel
Inhabitants6 Angelfish
5 Discus
2 Platies
6 Blood Fin Tetras
1 Clown Pleco
Filtration1x Aqueon 55
1x Rena 2 canister
LightingCoralife T5 compact 10k and 10k actinic
Decor20 or so live plants, assorted driftwood and rocks
FoodHikari pellets, Hikari algae waffers, freeze dried bloodworm (treat), hikari tubafex worms, tetramin tropica crisps
From Keleborn on 09/01/13
From Jayy on 08/28/11
awesome tank!!! I would love to own it.
From Plumkin on 02/22/11
are your discus still alive? I herd they do horrible with angels since angels are so agressive? do yours get along?
From tanker on 10/06/10
Beautiful tank. Great photos of your fish.
From dorabaker on 07/05/10
beautiful tank! i would love to have a tank like that one day. i've always wanted to keep discus.
From dramaqueen on 03/11/10
Your tank and fish are beautiful!
From HollyinWA on 01/15/10
Wow! I love your setup and the type of fish. Angels are one of my favorites. I know I would love Discus but have never had them. Beautiful tank! It is inspiring.
From willow on 11/21/09
wow !! stunning.i would love a set up like yours.
From Romad on 10/27/09
Absolutely gorgeous. Love the blue guy.
From aunt kymmie on 10/17/09
The blackground was added after you had posted ur 1st FTS shot? Ur discus are beautiful, especially that blue diamond!
From SueK on 09/10/09
Nice job! It looks o peaceful and I love the little planting on the left, it looks very natural.
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