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50 gallon tank
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Name50 gallon tank
Size50 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Fertilizerseachems flourish, eco-complete gravel
Inhabitants11 neon tetras
2 zebra loaches
3 pearl gourami (2 female 1 male)
5 silver hatchets
6 zebra danios
2 otocinclus
Filtrationfluval 205
Lightingtwo 40 watt fluorescent life glo bulbs
Temperature78 degrees
amazon sword
umbrella plant
anubais nana
terra cotta pot
dwarf hair grass
micro sword
java moss
Accessoriesalgae scraper
food clip
150 watt heater
9 watt uv sterilizer
Foodtetra tropical assortment, brine shrimp, daphnia
From bigcarl on 03/13/12
I love your tank, and the drift wood. Can I ask you what you're using for gravel? Carl
From fighttest on 12/02/09
thanks. im thinking about redoing the tank by taking out the ecocomplete substrate and replace it with some normal stuff... hopefully this will reduce algae growth. ill also be adding new plants that are better adapted to low light which will hopefully thrive and obsorb more nutrients lowering the algae level
From mastermindc3pro on 11/30/09
thats cool looking, i really like it
From stephanieleah on 11/01/09
I love your tank, too. We just started a 29 gal and made a black background. I also want neon tetras so i can check your list of compatibility. Thanks for the inspiration! And I love your swords...we don't have those yet but they look beautiful in there.
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/16/09
i love your tank! i love long tanks with drift wood and realistic looks to it. great job Fight!
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