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Main Fish System 1500 Gal.
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NameMain Fish System 1500 Gal.
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size127 Gallons
Protein SkimmerHomebuilt
InhabitantsQueen Angels, Blue Angels, French Angels, Blue Chromis, Jawfish, Neon Gobies, Yellow Head Wrasse, Blue Head Wrasse, Blue, Butter and Barred Hamlets, Reef, Spotfin, Banded, and Four Eyed Butterflies, Cottonwicks, Cardinals, Sunshine Damsels, Purple Damsels, Tobbacco, Chalk and Halequin Bass, Spanish and Cuban Hogs, Spotted Drums, Jack Knifes, Sailfin Blennies, Lightning Wrasse, Sharp-Nose Puffers, Blue Tangs
Filtration6 ft Bio-Tower, Homebuilt Protien Skimmer
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