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My Tank
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NameMy Tank
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Sunburst Platy (Argo), 1 Mickey Mouse Platy (Mickey), 1 Sunburst Platy (Sunburst), 1 Bumblebee Platy (Bee), 1 Gold Dust Molly (Dusty), many unnamed fry & various plants
FiltrationTop Fin Power Filter EX20
LightingLED String (~6 watts)
Decor3 artificial plants, Wooden House Bubbler, sm. stone cave
Accessories100 watt submersible water heater, Tetra Whisper air pump
FoodTetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes (shrimp flavor) & TetraColor Tropical Crisps
From willow on 09/23/13
what a pretty tank. :_)
From Chesh on 08/15/13
Pretty little Mollies! I have that same gravel in my livebearer tank! ^.^ Can't wait to see this one go GREEN!!!
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