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Apistogramm Cacatuides Grow Out
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NameApistogramm Cacatuides Grow Out
OwnerTracy Bird
Size38 Gallons
C02 SystemNope
FertilizerDry fertz: Plantex and some Nitrate
InhabitantsAbout 25 juvie Cacatuoides fry - very lovely little males coming along in this tank....

Have several species of Crypts, Java Fern and Micro Sword... Gonna add some additional plants, as soon as I can get more money!
Filtration10 Gallon sponge and an Aquaclear Fidy
LightingSingle T5 6500K Zoo Med Full Daylight Spectrum 4 hours in the morning then a siesta then 4 more hours...
DecorDriftwood and plants
AccessoriesThat's it!
FoodNew Life Spectrum Thera A
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