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Uzumaki Reef
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NameUzumaki Reef
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Crowntail Betta
2 Tiger Barbs
4 Golden Dojo Loaches
1 White Koi
1 Shubunkin Goldfish
3 Neon Tetra
2 Serpae Tetra
1 Plecostamus
FiltrationElite Hush 20
LightingNone Atm. Light is being repaired.
Temperature78 degrees
DecorOne large rock type decor that has opennings and is hollow [The Betta hides in here a lot]
rock/log that has holes but it isnt hollow like the above mentioned rock
a small log with a tube from an air pump in it that makes bubbles come out of the holes
Four Fake Plants
Log with fake plant
AccessoriesElite Air Pump
FoodFlakes mainly
From bearwithfish on 10/30/09
beautiful tank!!!!!!!!!!!!! such pretty fish
From MoneyMitch on 10/29/09
love the tank dude! about your light might wanna check this out
From terryap on 10/17/09
I love your neons!!!
From Calmwaters on 09/22/09
Very pretty tanks. I like the decorations.
From aunt kymmie on 09/22/09
Nice tank, great decor.Don;t make me say it, get your hands out of that tank!;)
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/15/09
lol the tower isnt plugged in. its my moms old one it doesnt even turn on anymore :P i had to build her a new one
From zomblue on 09/15/09
what a nice tank! it's hard to get good pix mosta mine are from my phone... i sit for ever tryin to get a clear one lol u are VERY brave havin a comp tower under a fishtank! lol
From MonsiuerPercy1 on 09/15/09
Love the dojo loaches! Aren't they awesome?!?!? Very nice tank by the way.
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/14/09
thank you very much!
From Mike on 09/14/09
Awesome video! You've got a really nice looking tank. I particularly like the log with the air bubbles coming out of it.
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