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Small Reef
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NameSmall Reef
Size5 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Black Kuhli Loach
7 Guppy
4 Snails
FiltrationElite Hush 10
LightingThis one does have lighting im not sure what though.
Temperature76 degrees with the light on
DecorHollow half coconut
Four fake plants
Accessoriesair pump with a sponge inside to help with filtering
Foodnutrafin complete flake food, nutrafin staple food tablets
From DragonFish on 09/13/09
Ooooo, are those FMA figures I see in front of the tank in that one picture? ;)
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/13/09
Quick note on this tank: the two photos where the water level is really low, and it seems dirty. those are the BEFORE pics of when i first got the tank from my former roommate's bedroom. the rest are AFTER i cleaned it up.
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