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55 Gal
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Name55 Gal
Size55 Gallons
Live RockUltra Premium Fiji Live Rock 45-50lbs
SumpEcoPlus Submersible Pump - 633 gph in 10 gallon tank
Power Head(s) Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400 and AquaClear 70
Protein Skimmer Aqua Euro USA Protein Skimmer 55 with a Tom Aquatics Pro Series Surface Skimmer Overflow Box
Filtration50lbs live rock, 40lbs live sand
LightingAquatic Life Light T5 HO 4-Lamp 4-Lunar Aquarium Light, 48-Inch
From aussieJJDude on 09/08/13
Wow, your tank rock! Looking cool :P
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