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75g Community Tank
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Name 75g Community Tank
Size75 Gallons
Inhabitants3 Angel Fish
5 Serverum Cichlids
2 Clown Loaches
1 Pleco
5 White Shirt Tetra's
1 Puffer
1 Chineese sucker
4 Red finned Tetra's
1 Silver tipped Catfish

Emperor 400

Lighting2 48 inch long T-8 40 watt plant bulbs
Temperature76-79 Degrees
DecorLive Plants, Rock, Driftwood.
FoodFrozen Brine, Pellets, dried crab, algae pellets
From Chickadee on 03/28/10
This is my fav of all your tanks! Love the look!
From stephanieleah on 02/01/10
It's a really nice set up! Close-ups?
From Angel079 on 01/03/10
Love the DW work in this tank, niceee!
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