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"Big" fish tank
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Name"Big" fish tank
Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemoccassional Excel
FertilizerExcel and API Leaf Zone
Inhabitants1 Angelfish
1 Rainbow Shark
1 Java loach
1 Mickey Mouse Platy
2 Zebra Danio
3 Harlequin rasboras
5 Pygmy cories
15-20 ramshorn snails
1 African dwarf frog
FiltrationAqueon filter
Lighting19W florescent
DecorJava Ferns
2 Crypts
Dwarf Sag
Echinodorus tenellus
Sunset and Green Hygro
Rotala rotundifolia
Anubias petite
Latern thing
Terra cotta pot
From konstargirl on 07/11/10
That doesn'r look like 10 gallons. More like 30??
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