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family tank
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Namefamily tank
Size20 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Fertilizerfluorite dark and rocks/ gravel from local stream
Inhabitantsgreen severum, pictus catfish, jellybean parrot, tire track eel, blue platy, panda cory catfish, weather loach
Filtrationmarine land bio wheel penguin 350, custom made cpvc sponge filter, a old penn plax H.O.B. filter from the 80s
Lighting20 inch metaframe steel incandescent light strip with two 25 watt incandescent bulbs
Decorold lake rock fake painted green log and glass catfish log
Accessoriesheater airstone
Foodblackworms, frozen glassworms, frozen bloodworms, new life spectrum, catfish wafers, alge wafers
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