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Tropical community
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NameTropical community
Size29 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive, Flourish Root Tabs
Inhabitants1 - Mystery Snail, Blue
7 - Cherry Barbs
6 - Harlequin Rasbora
FiltrationMarineland Bio wheel 200 (with out bio wheel)
LightingCurrent USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture 24-36"
Temperature24-26 C
DecorTwo plastic "Driftwood" pieces with caves
Pygmy Chain Sword/Narrow Leaf Chain Sword
Brazilian Pennywort
Java Moss
Water Sprite
Accessories150 watt Top Fin heater
algae wafers
(occasionally Tums)
Omega One shrimp pellets and tropical flakes
From Chesh on 08/23/13
Off to a great start! Can't wait to watch this tank grow!
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