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Tropical Community
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NameTropical Community
Size20 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
Fertilizernone yet
Inhabitants5 mollies, 1 platy, ghost shrimp, bristlenose pleco, apple snail, 3 albino cory cats.
Filtrationwhisper filter
Lighting2 15 watt
Temperature80 degrees f
DecorFakerock with artifical plants, bridge, driftwood w/java moss on it
Foodtropical fish flakes,tropical sinking fish pelletsfreeze dried bloodworms, fresh veggis, snail jello
From dfbiggs on 11/09/10
I love this cracks me up how they act like they have hands..
From konstargirl on 06/19/10
Cute 20 gallon. =D
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