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Size90 Gallons
Fertilizernormal type you get at lfs
Inhabitants8 (5 inch ) discus of various species,6 different cory doras ( long fin cory,leopard cory, panda cory, albino cory, emerald cory.peppered cory) and one pleco.
Filtration3 feet top filter
Lightingnormal uv lighting
Decorcabomba plant and elodea densa plant
Accessoriesarch deco
Foodfrozen blood worms and tetra bits
From kitten_penang on 05/22/12
termato this tank is a very old tank i don't keep them anymore and i'm sorry i don't have a the pic of the whole tank.
From Termato on 05/22/12
Can you get a picture of the entire tank? Lovely discus!
From Jayy on 10/28/11
Beautiful discus
From kitten_penang on 10/21/11
=) im ok.this tank is a very old tank.7 set up was about 7 years im ok.
From dfbiggs on 09/23/11
Hey Kitten, how have you been? Pretty Discus!
From MoneyMitch on 10/27/09
with that many discus when they are full grow your going to NEED atleast a 75
From aunt kymmie on 10/06/09
Beautiful Fish! Any chance we can get a full tank shot?? I would love to see it :)
From 6998 on 09/22/09
Is it realy a 3 gallon tank?
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