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SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size100 Gallons
Live Rock50 kg
Sump2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5
Power Head(s)2x 6500lph tunze
Protein Skimmerbubble magus 6a
Controller/Timerstc 1000
RO/DI System200 gal per day situ in garage
Lighting Schedule9hrs per day. blues ramp up for 1/2 hr then whites ramp up for another 1/2 hr all on for 7 hrs and then reverse cycle. moon lights on for 5 hrs
Flow Rate6000 lph return pump
Top Off Sourceauto top up with ROD!
Inhabitants12 assorted fish
FiltrationLive rock, Orca nitrate removal cubes
Lighting4ft LED system (Inwatter)
Temperature25 deg C
DecorLR and corals
FoodFrozen mysis and brine shrimp, pellets, flake
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