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47 Gallon non-planted
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Name47 Gallon non-planted
Size47 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Gold Severums
Kuhli Loaches
Corydoras Sterbai
Lighting2 x 35 watt flourescent
DecorSand, silk plants and caves
Algae wafers
Occasional worms and crickets
From aquariangel on 10/01/09
WOW, your second shot is fantastic! Such a beautiful specimen! I absolutely LOVE the coloring on him/her!!I agree with mags, it DOES remind me of a pink kissing gourami....nice nice nice shot!
From ThalesthePearsei on 02/26/09
You Severums are beautiful. So is your tank. I first thought it said was a planted tank, and I saw the picture of the Severum and was like "no way! he dosent eat the plants!?" haha, try giving them some lettuce, they love it.
From mags2313 on 01/20/09
That fishy makes me think of a pink kissing gourami. ;)
From Sucidemonkey on 01/17/09
I like how it looks real. Orderly, the Plants really make the tank look fuller and I Enjoyed Looking at this tank :D!
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