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36G Bowfront
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Name36G Bowfront
Size36 Gallons
C02 SystemFish
FertilizerFish poo, but have been trying out some liquid fertilizer without much success.
Inhabitants2 silver dollar
1 featherfin catfish
2 bolivian ram (m/f)
1 angel
1 red gourami
3 green barbs
2 neon tetras
2 glow light tetras
2 oto (tank is near a window, they keep algae at bay)
1 horsehead loach
4 clams
2 mystery snails
1 African dwarf frog
FiltrationLarge Wet/dry underneath.
Ring it out every few months. This means that everything I put into the tank is completely broken down and removed by water changes.
TemperatureAround 76F.
DecorRocks. Plants. Moss. Some fish. A big ugly heater. Some pretty soft looking algae I let grow on one of the larger rocks...otos keep eating my aquascaping!

The silver dollars only pick on the plants when I don't feed them. The oto is the pest, but again, only when I don't feed him or if there's not enough algae for them to eat.
Accessories200W adjustable heater, light timer.
FoodFlakes/pellets and frozen mixture.
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