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40g B
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Name40g B
Size40 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish Comprehensive 2x weekly
Seachem Flourish tablets as needed
Inhabitants10 black neon tetras
8 glowlight tetras
8 black phantom tetras
2 Bolivian Ram cichlids
1 bristlenose pleco

Amazon Sword
Spiral Crypt
duckweed, lots of duckweed
java moss
Chain sword
FiltrationFluval aqua clear 70
Lighting2 6500K 36" bulbs 9-10hrs daily
Decordriftwood, live plants, DIY rock cave
FoodNew Life Spectrum small fish
Ocean Nutrition Formula One flake
New Life Spectrum h2o stable wafers
Omega One shrimp pellets
Omega One veggie rounds
Omega One green seaweed sheets
frozen tubifex worms
frozen daphnia
frozen Emerald Entree
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