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Betta Sorority
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NameBetta Sorority
Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
FertilizerKent liquid fertilizer
Inhabitants4 female bettas. Adding more bettas and two nerite snails soon.

Two Veiltails
One Plakat
One Double tail
FiltrationTop Fin 20g filter
LightingLight strip
Temperature80 F
DecorRock structures and Clay Pots.
FoodBetta Pellets and Bloodworms.
From dorabaker on 11/05/12
omg your girls are so pretty! I've always wanted a betta sorority but not game to risk it...
From aussieJJDude on 07/04/12
I want to start one! like i dont have enough tanks, I blam you! ;D
From platyfishlover123 on 09/04/11
From dorabaker on 08/25/10
gorgeous fishies... i want to start a betta sorority.
From konstargirl on 08/20/10
The girls are lovely. No names? Do you have agression in the tank ro rthey al get along.
From GNR1985 on 07/26/10
The green one is really beautiful :)
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