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I never named it
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NameI never named it
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1 lg Angel(cichlid), 2 rosy Barbs, 1 male swordtail, 1 lg pleco,3 Danios (lg), 13 "veritakis? That's what the guy@the store said they were. I really don't know...maybe Platy's Black body w/gold nose & tail fin.they keep having babies& have mutated to white & blue. I have 3 pregnant one & 10 more fry I added to the "playpen" as I affectionally call it.
FiltrationI have a tetra filter 30/60 with a foot long air stone
Lighting2 sets of lights regular tank lights nothing fancy.
Temperaturewithin range 75-80 degrees
DecorI have a castle in 1 corner which is where my Pleco hides in...very rarely comes out. A big log type decor with platic leaves on it.2 plastic plants no real ones
FoodI just use the Tetra brand flakes. I do have some dried shrimp for the larger fish but they don't seem to care for them much. Only feed them that 1/2x a week. Also add algea tabs for Pleco.
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