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My Blu Tank
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NameMy Blu Tank
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants 2 High Fin Tetras, 3 red eyed silver tetras, 1 Glass Cat,1 Algae Eater, 2 Silver ScissorTails, 1 Zebra Danio
Filtrationwhisper 10 gal filter
LightingBLUE lights
DecorBlue plants
FoodTetra Color & regular flakes
From brackish1 on 07/21/11
interesting and very pretty. I love the different styles. My only concern is that the tank is hugely overstocked :(
From bones14 on 05/08/10
I like to change up my 10g every once in a while mself.Usually about every 2months.I like the blue lights;may try 'em on mine.
From Mike on 02/22/10
It looks like your tank has had different ornaments in it in different pictures, but it seems to have a consistent "ruins" theme to it which I think looks awesome!
From pretzelsz on 01/18/10
I see on inhabitants that you have only one zebra danio and just so you know they are a schooling fish and i only had one for awhile and got more and after that there was a huge personality change for the better so to keep you fish happy but it might over crowd(might already be)
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