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shane3fan's 29 gallon
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Nameshane3fan's 29 gallon
Size29 Gallons
FertilizerDosing EI using dry ferts-dose Excel daily for carbon. Weekly 50% water change
Inhabitants8 Neon Tetra, 5 False Julii Corydoras, 1 Rainbow Shark, 2 Mystery Snails
FiltrationPenguin 150 with bio wheel, Fluval 205 canister filter and Hydor Pico power head for current.
LightingCoralife 36w T5 hood with 6700k and 10000k bulbs along with stock hood with 20w T8 6700k Life Glo bulb.
Decorplanted, artificial log, petrified wood, broken vase, bubble wall at back of tank.
FoodFlakes, pellets, sinking wafers, bloodworms, plankton, shrimp
From eug on 07/03/12
looks nice. I'm not sure if you need so much filtration and current in a planted tank, though?
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