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Tropical Community
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NameTropical Community
Size55 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
FertilizerSeachem Comprhensive
Inhabitants1x Bolivian Ram
2x Angelfish
7x neon tetra
5x peppered cory
5x black phantom tetra
2x dwarf gourami
FiltrationSunSun 302
Lighting10w LED lighting strips
Temperaturearound 78
Decor1x java fern
3x anubius plant
2x water wisteria
3x water sprite
AccessoriesColosseum ruins with bubbler
sunken ship
[fake] anemone with coral
"rock" cave ornament
Foodfrozen brine shrimp
API tropical fish flake
API Bottom Feeder pellets
Top Fin small freeze dried medley
Tetra Veggie tropical algae wafers
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