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Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants1 very cute leopard gecko called Charlie
DecorVivarium plants, caves, wood and sand
FoodCrickets, mealworms & waxworms
From willow on 01/25/14
wondering how this lill dude is ?
From KatSea on 03/16/13
He's so cute
From willow on 03/15/12
wonder how charlie and owner are doing ? xx
From tanker on 12/11/10
Charlie's lovely. You are lucky to have him.
From GreenPlanet on 10/27/10
Its so good looking. Nice eyes, Beautiful Lips.. Lolz.. but one thing I dont like about some reptiles is if they feel they are in danger they loose thei tail .... That really sucks.. at number 7 pic he is saying I can't hear you say louder.. Lolz
From Horseluver50 on 06/09/09
scary!! lol im terrified of reptiles like that
From Katydid on 04/05/09
nice video, charlie seems to love camera!!!
From leahqexx on 02/22/09
ahhh so cute, is he in the water or is the aquarium dry?does he eat food live? if he does im glad i dont have to feed him!!!
From willow on 01/25/09
charlie is simply adorable. :) and i love his home too.
From Twistersmom on 01/22/09
Charlie is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Does he like being handled or is he looking for food?
From paradise4nangel on 01/21/09
I can't get enough of this little cutie. I find my self visiting your page repeatedly just to see it. You have any more pictures. I am so jealous.
From aunt kymmie on 01/20/09
Great video! Your choice of theme song is classic :) I want my own Charlie :)
From paradise4nangel on 01/19/09
I never knew I wanted to cuddle with a lizard. What a cutie!
From beweeb on 01/17/09
man he is great i wish they were not so expensive
From Mike on 01/17/09
I love the video!
From Mike on 12/19/08
Charlie is adorable! I love the close up of his face!
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