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My Aquarium
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NameMy Aquarium
Size90 Gallons
C02 SystemMy Fish
FertilizerMy Fish
Inhabitants3 Sunset Gouramis
2 Blue Gourami
1 Opal Gourami
2 Yellow Gourami
2 Lavender Gourami
3 Pygmy Gourami
9 Tiger Barbs
5 Otocinclus Affinis
1 Red Tail Shark
FiltrationFluval 405
Lighting1x Sun-Glo 48" - T8
- 4200K
- 40w
- 300 Lux

1x Life-Glo II 48" - T10
- 6700K
- 40w
- 320 Lux
Temperature78-80 deg F
Decor2 Ceramic Heads
6-10 Crypts
1 Medium Driftwood wrapped Java Moss
1 Loose Wrap Java Moss bunch
2 Small Anubius Plants on drift wood
10 Amazon Swords
1 River Stone
AccessoriesAll Glass Aquarium w/ Deluxe Hood
FoodNew life Spectrum - Thera+A
Tetra Max - Color Max
Hikari Bloodworms
Hikari Sinking Algae Wafers
From Limeylemon on 12/06/11
Very nice, minimalistic but stunning.
From isimek on 08/02/10
I love your gourami.
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