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Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants6 Gourami's
2 Angel fish
2 Clown Loach
2 Glass cat fish
2 Albino cat fish
9 Black Phantom Tetra's
2 Guppies
1 Red Tail Shark
2 Black fin Sharks
1 plec
5 Platties
Filtrationsun sun External filter 1000 lph
with 3 rack filtration of carbon,porclain tubes and black ball things
Lighting1 42 inch moonlight tube
DecorOcean Rock, Bogwood and Plant so far
From Kelly100 on 08/14/12
BEAUTIFUL tank !!!! I think the little fellas might want a tiny bit more places to hide. Like a few more logs and what not. I DO LOVE YOUR TANK, THOUGH !!! I cant even imagine havin a 127 gallon tank !! It would be SOOO COOL !!
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