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Freshwater Community
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NameFreshwater Community
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants8 guppies, 1 female VT betta, 1 red tail shark, 2 albino cory cats, 1 Bronze cory cat, 1 spotted cory cat, 2 pygmy gourami, 1 common pleco, 1 rafael catfish, 6 golden mountain minnows, 5 cherry barbs, 4 giant danio
FiltrationWhisper power filter
LightingAquarium/Plant florecent bulb
Temperature78-80 degrees
DecorStacked rocks, large tree stump log, fake and real plants, moss, large pebble stack
Accessoriessubmersible heater, thermometer, bubble curtain
FoodTetra flakes, Tank Nibblers (veggie), algae discs, shrimp pellets, beefheart, brine shrimp
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