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1st 47 gallon planted setup
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Name1st 47 gallon planted setup
Size47 Gallons
InhabitantsPlatys, german blue rams, ancistrus sp3, neon tetras, corydoras sterbai
FiltrationInternal jewel filter + fluval
DecorWood, plants, caves
From willow on 09/27/13
any updated pictures ?
From KatSea on 03/23/13
Looks real good!
From Arkamaic on 06/03/09
Love the rams!
From finsNfur on 02/11/09
Your tank is really pretty
From tophat665 on 01/29/09
Another sweet tank with a great sense of balance. Can I be one of Your fish?
From mags2313 on 01/20/09
I love your background. Soon I am changing from solid black to the blue that you have. It makes it seem more like an ocean.. GREAT tank!
From beweeb on 01/17/09
your tank looks very very good
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