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Juwel Rio 180
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NameJuwel Rio 180
Size48 Gallons
C02 SystemDennerle 120l
FertilizerS7 Vitamix
Inhabitants10 Rasbora Harlequins
8 Blue Rasbora
2 Silvertips
4 Glowlights
10 Rummy Nose Tetra
4 Corydoras Sterbae
3 Dwarf Otocinclus
5 Corydoras Panda
2 Corydorus Julii
Numerous Red Cherry shrimp
FiltrationInternal Bioflow Compact 3.0
LightingT5 Daylight x 2 45w each
Temperature28 degrees C
DecorMangrove root with Java Moss (medium)
Canyon rock
Shrimp tubes
2 small terracotta pots, one has an Chryptocoryn planted in it
FoodJBL Staple food (granules)
JBL Colour food (granules)
JBL Green food (granules)
Tetra shrimp granules
Tetra mini floating
Pleco tablets
Corydora tablets
From willow on 10/09/13
it's lovely !,i think you have the placement of plants exactly right.:-)
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