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BlackLabel's 29 gallon freshwater
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NameBlackLabel's 29 gallon freshwater
Size29 Gallons
InhabitantsTiger Barb
Julii cory
Black Skirt tetra
Dragon Goby
Filtrationbehind the tank bag filter
Lighting Flora-Grow
Temperature78-80 F
DecorReal/Fake plants
Real Rocks
Bubble strip
From Jason4390 on 03/25/12
Great designs in the rock work, but that dragon goby's gonna need more room! and marine salt!
From dorabaker on 08/25/10
lovely tank, i like the contrast of the pale gravel with the plants and rockwork :) sweet ickle corys! aw..
From Mike on 02/20/10
Very nice tank! I really like the caves you've created with the rock work.
From mastermindc3pro on 12/15/09
wow such a nice tank, i love the design
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