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Barb Tank
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Name Barb Tank
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants10 Giant Danios
6 Platinum Barbs
6 Tiger Barbs
7 Odessa Barbs
2 Flying Fox
2 Clown Pleco
2 Sterba Corys
1 Redtailed Shark
FiltrationAqua Clear 70 Power Filter
with Pennplax Undergravel Filter and 2 Aqua Clear 50 Powerheads
Lighting4' "Cheap-o" T-5 fixture with 1 white and 1 blue tube. New light on the Christmas wish list.
Temperature77 F
DecorPenn Plax Plastic Plants - Red Ludwigia and Valesneria - Malaysian Driftwood - Cobblestone River Rock
AccessoriesTOM 200W Heater
Glass Hinged Lid
FoodFrozen Brine Shrimp & Bloodworms, Live Tubifex Worms, and Nutrafin Max Spurlina Flake and TetraMin Flake.
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