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29 High
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Name29 High
Size29 Gallons
C02 SystemAquatek Premium 2-Stage w/ 5lb CO2
FertilizerSeachem Plant Tabs and various liquid ferts
Inhabitantsx8 Neon Tetras
x7 Cherry Barbs
x4 Dalmation Mollys
x3 Gold Dubloon Mollys
x3 Black Kuhli Loaches
x2 Panda Cory Cats
x4 Nerita Snails
FiltrationPenguin 200 HOB
Fluval Internal U3
Lighting24" Marineland Aquatic Plant LED
21" Marineland "Hidden" LED
Cryptocoyrne Wendtii
Japanese Dwarf Rush
Amazon Sword
Lava Rock
FoodFlakes, Freeze-dried bloodworms, sinking pellets, algae wafers
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