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Swordtail Tank
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NameSwordtail Tank
Size45 Gallons
Inhabitants4 Pearl Danios (Not sure how they ended up here?)
4 Crescent Swords
3 Lemon Swords
2 Black Nubian Swords
2 Red Comet Swords (Velvet)
2 Red Painted Swords
2 Red Tuxedo Swords
3 Mexican Sailfin Mollies
2 Limia/Mollie Cross Pair (I think?)
2 Brushnose Plecos
2 Hyfin Pepper Corys
2 Pineapple Swords
1 Marigold Tuxedo Sword
1 Marigold Wag Sword
FiltrationPenguin 300 Power Filter
Pennplax Undergravel Filter with 2 TOM Powerheads
LightingGlo T-5 Single tube fixture
Temperature76 F
DecorPennplax Plastic Plants - Hygrophilia and Ancharis - Malaysian Driftwood - Cobblestone River Rock
AccessoriesGlass Hinged Lid
Aqua Clear 150W Heater
FoodFrozen Brine Shrimp, Live Tubifex Worms, and Nutramax Spurlina Flake
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