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The big fella
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NameThe big fella
OwnerBarry gibb
Size579 Gallons
Inhabitants5x german blue rams 4x angels, 4x apistogramas mix 7x sterbia cory 4x bronze cory 3x neon blue dwarf gouramis 3x guppy 3x dalmation molly 10x neon tetra
Filtration1200ltr sunsun external
1200ltr DIY 3ft canister filter
1000ltr DIY water polisher
Lighting3x 150watt mecury vapour
2x 54watt moonlighing
5x led blue ligh fitting 7 bulbs per fitting
DecorBlackout back and sides
Bog wood
Coconut shells
FoodLivefeed/frozen food
From aussieJJDude on 12/14/13
WOW, the tank massive! :) And beautiful rams and angels
From willow on 10/24/13
really,really lovely,and the rams are beautiful.
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