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fw 1
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Namefw 1
Size55 Gallons
C02 System10 lb pressurized
powerhead diffused Milwaukee sms122 (controller)
Fertilizerflourish liquid
flourish tabs
Inhabitants2 tourquois rainbows
1 preacox rainbow
2 clown loaches
2 siamiese alage (octonus ?)
6 neon tetras
2 Australian rainbows
2 flying foxes
all very small fish.
Filtrationfluval 406
puirigen carbon filter floss
and biomax
Lightingfluval plant led light
Decor4 plants 2 drift wood pieces boiled for hours
Accessoriestoms aquatics skimmer aquclear powerhead 50
cobalt heater major air pump
Foodnls flake h20 + garlic and api flakes (they like api a little more) feed tiny bit am , more pm however fish feeding frenzy before skimmer eats it.
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