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Size16 Gallons
Fertilizerroot tabs
Inhabitants2 green glow tettras..1 lyre tail barb 1albino corey cat...5 Rasboras....1 Marble angel.... 3 rosy barb....1 albino algae eater
Filtrationunder gravel
penguin 150
LightingT 8 6500 K
Temperature78 degrees..Maintained by 100 watt heater
DecorMopani root
Amazon Sword ..mondo grass,spiralis,wisteria
AccessoriesMaster water test kit
R/O/D/I water filter
Eheim gravel siphon
Foodtettra color flakes
freez dried tubifex worms
From tropicalkass on 08/12/14
Very nice set up!!! :)
From willow on 11/22/13
Love the clear water,looks so fresh,and i'm insanely jealous of your pond :-)
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