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Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Verigated Platy
1 Otto Catfish
4 Long Fin Serpae Tetras
FiltrationPenguin 100
Lighting15W Fluorescent
DecorTerracotta pots, rocks, plastic plants.
FoodOSI Spirulina Flake
Omega One Tropical Flake
Tetramin Color
San Francisco Bay Frozen Medly
From AK Fresh Water on 06/25/12
Oh snap! What a great idea.
From mastermindc3pro on 12/01/09
now that is awsome
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/17/09
ooou a nice one for a 15gal you did good with the space you have :)
From willow on 02/15/09
ha ! what a great idea.
From aunt kymmie on 01/22/09
Very clever set up. I'll admit it...I copied you on this one :)
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