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70 Gallon freshwater
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Name70 Gallon freshwater
Size70 Gallons
Inhabitants5 Glofish Sunburn Orange Zebra Danios
3 Otocinclus sp
5 Angelfisch
2 Neon Tetras
1 Bistlenose
FiltrationEheim 2217 canister filter
Lighting1 x 40 Watt Agua Glo (18000 K) T8 lamp
1 x 36 Watt Tropic Sun (Sera) (4700K) T8 lamp
1 x 36 Watt Sera Blue Sky (12000k) T8 lamp
1 x 32 Watt GE Daylight (4100K) T8 lamp
Temperature24 șC
4 Amazon Sword Plants
2 Bunches of Cabomba
1 Enchinodorus sp (Ozelot)
3 Bunches of Elodia
Limnophilia sessiflora
Cardamine Lyrata
Ludwigia repens
Baby tears
Rorola Rotundifolia
Lagarosiphon Madagascariensis
Blyxa Japonica
Accessories300 Watt heater
FoodFlake food
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