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Dempsey Tank
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NameDempsey Tank
Size29 Gallons
InhabitantsNone currently. I will be moving the convict in there eventually.
FiltrationFluval 204 canister
Skilter 250 HOB power filter
(both filters are currently running on a 10g tank housing the convict)

Filter media are ceramic rings, filter floss and sponges
LightingSingle-tube Coralife T5 Aqualight
(not currently in use)
TemperatureVisitherm heater kept at 78*F
(being used in the 10g)
DecorOne large, log-like piece of driftwood
One medium, tangled tree-like piece of driftwood
Various fake plants
AccessoriesThis tank is still currently sitting empty but will, one day, house my baby convict. I gave the Jack Dempsey to my brother in law. I'm moving in August and I'm not sure how big of a tank I'll be able to have, so I'm holding off on upgrading to something big enough to house the JD until I know the situation a little better. However, I will be taking this 29g with me and it will be home to a single convict (currently in a 10g as he's only a baby).
FoodOmega One flakes
Omega One cichlid pellets (staple)
Wardley shrimp pellets
Wardley algae discs
Frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, and krill
Live pond snails, live guppies (home-bred)
Live blackworms
From dramaqueen on 03/01/10
Nice fish and tank!
From terryap on 10/17/09
I love these fish, very nice pic
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