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Triceratops Reef
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NameTriceratops Reef
Size135 Gallons
Live Rock200+ lbs
Sump4 tanks totaling 100 gallons
Power Head(s)6 different: Koralia, and Coral Vue
Protein SkimmerAqua-Medic Multi-Stage SL 1000
Calcium Reactornone
Controller/TimerKoralia and some off brand power strip I bought several years ago. As for lighting timers I use just basic store bought manual timers.
RO/DI SystemYes, 2 stage with membrane on a well.
Lighting ScheduleLED's from 8am until 10:30pm, Actinic T5's from 9:30am until 9:45pm, Metal Hallides from 10:30 am until 3pm
Dosing Schedulemanual dosing of calcium, magnesium and strontium as needed.
Flow Rate1750gph with a Reeflo Pump
Top Off SourceAqua-Medic Nuevimat Pump using RO water from a 15 gallon trash can.
Inhabitants7 Tangs: Powder Blue, 2 Yellow, Blue Regal (Small), Blue Eyed, Sialfin (Med), Valmangi(small, will be transferred to a 500 gallon in a few years); Dwarf Angels: Flame, Coral Beauty, Lemon Peel; Gobies: Split-Tail, Hawaiian Flame, Blue Spotted Jawfish, Green Clown Goby, male and female Green Mandarin Dragonette, 2 Purple Firefish; Purple Dottyback; Clowns: Maroon clown (Med), 2 False Percula Clowns, Skunk; 2 Jackknife Fish (Juvenile, will be transfered to future 500 gallon tank someday); 4 Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp; 1 Green Serpent Star; 1 Green Brittle Star; Orange Sponge; 3 clusters of Green Star Polyps; 1 Green Maize Brain; 3 small clusters of orange Sun Corals; 1 Large Blue Maxima Clam; 1 Blue Coacea Clam; 1 Tridacna Deressa Clam; 1 Feather Duster; 1 Coco Worm (Pink/Orange); 1 Galaxy Coral; 1 Brushy Acropora; 1 Purple Acropora; 1 Grubes Gorgonia; Cluster of common Xenia (Grey color); 1 Large 9 headed Green Hammer Coral; 1-2 headed FrogSpawn Coral; Several different mushrooms placed throughout the tank; 1 Kenya Tree Coral; 1 Frilly Yellow Leather; 1 Green Toadstool Leather; 1 Large Cluster of Jasmine Polyps; 3 clusters of Green Button Polyps; 1 Large cluster of Red/Blue Eyed Zooanthids; 1 Bubble Coral
Unknown number of snails and hermit crabs; 2 Green Emerald crabs; 2 Sally Lightfoot Crabs; 1 Ruby Crab.
FiltrationCustom Built with Bioball chamber, refugium, crushed coral and agronite chamber with hang on Protein Skimmer. The largest tank actually sets on the top of my cabinet and it just holds and circulates water at 65g. I empty and refill it from time to time to do water changes. Additionally there is a 15g Frag tank on the side of the main tank that is also tied into the whole system.
Lighting5' Current Outer Orbit sytem with 4 T5 actinics and 2 250W Metal Halides with added Ecoxotic Stunner LED strips.
Temperature76 at Night and 78.5 Day
DecorAcrylic shelves built inside the tank holding the live rock up higher from the bottom and making it appear like a cliff of rock with cave like area underneath for the fish to swim and sleep. This also makes it look like a lot more rock is present in the 30" deep tank but gives room for more fish.
AccessoriesPowerheads, Reeflo main pump, Aqua-Medic Needle Wheel pump for Protein Skimmer, Aqua-Medic Pump circulating water to the 65g volume and water change tank on the top of the cabinet.
FoodOcean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes and also the Brine Shrimp Flakes fed on a daily basis; 2 times per week the fish get frozen brine mixed with blood worms; the Tangs occasionally get an Algae Sheet to graze one from Jullian Sprung.
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