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Triceratops FOWLR
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NameTriceratops FOWLR
Size35 Gallons
Live Rock40 lbs
Sump10 gallon mechanical
Power Head(s)3 Koralia
Protein SkimmerRed Sea Berlin 125 (25 yrs old but still works)
InhabitantsHalf Moon Trigger Fish (Juvenile); Tomato Clown; Green Chromis; Orange Spot Shrimp Goby; Chocolate Chip Starfish; 5- 3 stripe Damsels
FiltrationFilter sock; Agronite rubble; Refugium; Protein Skimmer
LightingEcoxotic Stunner LED Strips
TemperatureUnknown, but never feels much hotter than my Reef Tank.
DecorLive Rock and Live Plants
AccessoriesKoralia Powerheads; Aqua-Medic Pumps
FoodSame as the Reef Tank
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