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55g Becoming
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Name55g Becoming
Size55 Gallons
InhabitantsBolivian Rams, Jellybean Tetra (Ladigesia roloffi), Kuhli Loaches, Dwarf Kuhli (Pangio Cuneovirgata), assorted Nerite, Apple, and MTS snails

Freckles the ADF used to live here, but has since moved into the Kindy tank to join his buddies Speckles and Spot ^__^
FiltrationEheim Classic
Lightingsingle strip T8 - VERY low lighting!
DecorRocks found locally, Manzanita driftwood, and lotsa plants
AccessoriesJournal Link(outdated):
FoodNew Life Spectrum flakes and pellets, a variety of wet-frozen goodies, and fresh veggies
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