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Nikki Finn
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NameNikki Finn
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsNikki Finn-Black Mollie(female)
Wu-Tangerine Molly(male)
T'ang-Tangerine Molly(male)
Abby Normal-Black Mystery Snail
Tesla-Black Mystery Snail
FiltrationOver the tank bio-filter
Under tank plates w/skimmer
Lighting17" Full Spectrum
DecorCouple of plastic plants w/ crystal, amethyst, turquoise, hand-blown glass, a ceramic statue w/ largish & smallish rocks on top of Ocean gravel.
FoodTetrafin flakes, freeze dried & frozen blood worms
Zucchini & yellow squash
From crzy2u on 02/05/14
Gorgeous Mollys!! :D
From bigcarl on 03/25/12
beautiful tank, I love mollies and swords. They look great with those stones. Carl
From james7139 on 07/24/10
thats one pregnant black molly!
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