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Big Community
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NameBig Community
Size29 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
Inhabitants6x black ruby barbs
1 pair kribensis + 8 or so 1" fry
3x peppered corydoras (will be adding three more)
FiltrationPenguin 150B
Eheim Liberty 150 Power Filter
LightingSingle tube T8 fluorescent
TemperatureVisitherm heater set to 79*F
DecorRed shale piled along back to make caves
Top of the rocks covered in mass of java moss
Out front is a fake grassy plant and a piece of driftwood with attached java fern
At the back left is an oak branch made to look like a tree with a clump of java moss as leaves
AccessoriesTetra air pump drives two airstones - one at each of the back corners of the tank behind the rocks. This is just for visual appeal.
FoodOmega One flakes
Wardley sinking tropical crumbles
Wardley shrimp pellets
Wardley algae discs
Frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and chopped krill
Live blackworms
From noledoc on 11/24/10
Thanks for showing this pic. It brings back very old memories of my infant son sitting on my lap as we enjoy our community tank Mom and Dad Kribs raise their family right there in the 39 gal tank.
From PRichs87 on 05/10/10
great look. did you secure your rocks together? or are they just piled loose in there?
From SinCrisis on 06/05/09
Looks awesome, I love how you set your rocks up.
From aunt kymmie on 01/20/09
Excellent aquascaping. I love this tank :)
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