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Convict Cichlid 55
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NameConvict Cichlid 55
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1 fairly large, and 1 small Pleco.
4 Convict cichlids (1 male, 3 females currently.)
1 Young convict cichlid.
FiltrationFluval 404
Lighting2 Flourescent Bulbs
Temperature24 Degrees Celcius
Decor2 plant stuck on opposing walls.
A neon double-barrel.
A neon tower.
A toy Anchor.
! Skull with a baseball cap.
A little sunken courtyard thing.
And a few other fake plants.
Food2 sizes of pellets.
Occasionally feeder guppies.
Occasionally Mealworms
Occasionally Freze Dried Krill
Occasionally Frozen Bloodworms
Occasionally Freeze Dried Bloodworms
From jbonez on 01/05/11
pretty cool convicts i like um...
From willow on 06/12/10
wow ! those convicts, their beautiful.
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