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Juwel Rekord 600
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NameJuwel Rekord 600
Size63 Gallons
FertilizerTetra Plant (PlantaMin)
InhabitantsFirst fish added on 30th October:
1 bronze cat fish, 2 cardinal tetras, 1 cherry barb, 3 guppies (1 female, 2 males)

24th November:
Female guppy gave birth to about 35 fish babies, who are now separated from the rest of the tank in a net breeder

Second set of fish added on 4th December:
1 albino catfish, 2 female guppies, 1 black neon tetra, 1 dayglow tetra
FiltrationJuwel Rekord 600 inbuilt filter (pre-filter wool, carbon filter, 2 bacteria sponges (a green and a blue one)
LightingOne tube from above (not sure what type)
TemperatureAround 26 degrees
DecorShells and rocks, columns bought from fish shop, plants (some potted, 1 java fern on lava rock, 1 Christmas moss on wood)
AccessoriesSyphon, net, breeding trap, breeding net, automatic fish feeder (not yet used)
FoodTetraMin flakes for adults. I once tried Tetra Fresh Delica Brine Shrimps, but these seemed a bit weird and not too popular.

TetraMin Baby and Interpret Liquifry Number 2 for babies
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