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Endler's Tank - Photos coming soon
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NameEndler's Tank - Photos coming soon
Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemna
FertilizerSeachem Root Tabs
InhabitantsTwo black bar Endlers Fry, four female Cobra mix Endlers, three juvenile one adults(two are Yellow Jackets, one is red and black likely a tuxedo mix, the other is black and gold like a tuxedo, but has a white tail with cobra markings), one male black and red Tuxedo Cobra guppy/endlers mix. and one male black and red endlers. All but the black and red males and female may be temporary, I want black bars but the reds will stay since they're gorgeous...and four Pink Ramshorn Snails. Temporarily have four baby black kuhli loaches until I re-do the twenty gal with sand.
FiltrationIt's a ten gal power filter with a sponge set-up, I have forgotten the brand, will update.
LightingLED lights, actually doing well for the plants!
DecorBlack sand, small cave, half a dozen stem plants(two types, unfortunately I forgot what they're called), java moss, guppy grass(see how the babies are still ok lol), one small anubias
FoodEmerald Entree, Daphnia, Baby Brine Shrimp, Algae Wafers, mysis shrimp(small enough for the little guys), and some chopped up glassworms(they're too big on their own), brine shrimp, tropical fish flakes, and Hikari First Bites. All are frozen foods but the Hikari First bites and Flakes. Also feed fresh greens like spinach and peas on occasion, cucumber, green beans and romaine lettuce. All fresh foods are blanched and seeded.
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