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David's tank
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NameDavid's tank
Size30 Gallons
Fertilizerecocomplete black
Inhabitants1pygmaeus cories, 2 cloud tetras, 1 zebra danios, 2 albino bristlenose pleco, 1 platy, 5 otos, 1 sparkling gurami.
LightingT5HE 21W x 21W x 2, 42w
Decor1large ceremic cave, Rock cave, 1 Bamboo shelter, 1 semicircular wooden cave
FoodTetramint flake, viformo pellet, algae wafers, Nutrafin Max, Aquarian advanced nutritio sinking shrimp pellets, frozen blood worms, frozen brine shrimp.
From David007c on 09/04/10
I bought a zebra oto and another huge oto that i've never seen before calld a Giant Oto. I will upload their picture soon.
From David007c on 08/30/10
Today, I bought Hikari Sinking Wafers and 3 cheap rocks to make a nice hiding cave for the fishes. I will show you the picture later on. Thanks for the comment~
From Sir Chauncy on 08/30/10
Tetramint flake? I guess those fish have really fresh breath :) Nice spacious tank too, do you have any further plans for it?
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